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“You could sell these” was a comment I heard frequently over the years. But while I enjoyed baking cookies, I never really considered taking it to a business level until about six years ago when my husband and I moved across the country from the Midwest State of Nebraska (where we both grew up) to North Carolina and then to Georgia. As I baked for new friends, those favorable comments started again, and the desire to start a cookie baking business began to take shape with Crave Cookie Company launching in the spring of 2019.


Crafting decadent sweet treats for others brings me joy. Every satisfied smile or contented “Yum!” “Wow!” or “That’s really good!” comment touches my heart and motivates me to bake the best cookies ever!

Thanks for taking time to visit my website. I'd love to meet you in person at the store located at 112 Main Street, LaGrange, Georgia. Check out the menu page to see my latest offerings!

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